Helps Ministry Departments

Ushers & Hostesses Department

The Ushers and Hostesses Department at Word of Faith International Christian Centre Toronto is one of the most exciting, dynamic, and demanding roles that exists within the Ministry of Helps. Our various duties can be separated into two main categories: 1) Public Relations, and 2) Sanctuary Administration Support.

Our team of professionals is committed to practicing and exemplifying the core values that are encompassed within our Departmental Vision. “To be world class Ushers and Hostesses, glorifying God by continuously adapting to the needs of this Ministry through:

  • Excellency of Service (Professionalism)
  • Operating in One Accord (Unity)
  • Dedicated to ensure that the needs of the people are met (Customer Service)

We walk in Love…we are Keepers of the House!!”

Our focus as a department will be to continue to hone and sharpen our abilities in the performance and teaching of the skill sets that comprise the craft of Ushering and Hostessing. Our desire is that our volunteers not only excel in their duties at Word of Faith Toronto, but also that they be equipped with the tools for success in all of their God-ordained ventures outside of the church.

Parking Lot Department

The Parking Lot Department is the first visible ministry as member and visitors arrive for church. Because Word of Faith Toronto utilizes two separate parking lots, a major part of the role of this ministry is to ensure the safety of our members and visitors from our off-site parking area to the church building for services and other special events. Whether you may need help across the street, a hand in carrying a diaper bag, or an umbrella to keep you dry, we are there for you.

We ensure that entrances and parking areas are kept clean, clear and safe for our Pastor, First Lady and family, as well as our ministers, members and visitors.

In the Parking Lot Department we also assist seniors members as well as those with physical disabilities to access the building safely.  You can count on us to greet you with a smile and a helping hand.

Building Ops

The Building Operations Department is honored to ensure that the church is always in good repair. This Department is needed to maintain the upkeep of the church.

Our vision is to carry out the scripture in Ec. 9:10, “Whatsoever thy hand finds to do, do it with thy might…” Building Operations includes a wide range of responsibilities from the grounds work outside the church to changing light bulbs inside the church and everything in between.

Our goal is to lift up Pastor’s arms by making sure the church is functioning well as we oversee the daily tasks as it relates to building maintenance. In turn, Pastor can minister the Word of God with power and wisdom because he does not have to be concerned about church operations. It is an honor for the Building Operations Department to help ease the facilitation of church operations from Pastor’s office to every other department in the church.  All that we do, we do it for God’s glory.


The Marketing Department works closely with Pastor Keith, Minister Beverly and the leadership of Word of Faith to create activities and communication material to effectively communicate the vision of the church and its subsidiary ministries to the church congregation and the community.

The Marketing Department meets the needs and informs the congregation and community of current Word of Faith activities in order to increase the number of participants attending Word of Faith events and creates economical value for the ministry.

The Marketing Department is perfectly aligned to bring Pastor Keith Fritz’s vision to pass. We produce flyers, announcements, the monthly bulletin, commercials, email blasts, brochures and many other materials designed to cast the vision and engage the Word of Faith congregation and general community.


The Clerks Department oversees the Membership Class and Information Desk. We assist Pastor and the Ministers by welcoming new members, taking attendance, giving instructions pertaining to class procedure and setting a warm and friendly atmosphere prior to the instructor’s arrival.

You will also find the Clerks at the Information Centre in the foyer before and after church to answer any questions that the congregation members may have pertaining to events going on at the church.

Culinary Ministry 

The mission of the Culinary Arts Ministry is to offer hospitality and refreshment as we serve and to assist the ministries of Word of Faith International Christian Centre and the surrounding community. We will provide and assist in feeding those who are in need and to assist the efforts of the food bank of Greater Toronto providing hampers for families indicated by our evangelism efforts in our region and members who have a financial short fall, shut in, or recovering from illness.

The Culinary Arts Ministry of Word of Faith International Christian Centre aims to work in unity as men and women who love to use skills for cooking and preparing food. To assist in reaching the goal to develop a multicultural, multigenerational, and congregational focused church on demonstrating unity through love, by faith and action—it starts right here!

Let me get you something to eat, so you can be refreshed, and then go on your way now that you have come to your servant,” Genesis 18:5. In our office we serve the congregation in many ways such as:

  • Helps ministries, Homegoings, Right Hand of Fellowship, Baby Dedication – Comforts of Home (Meals and Hampers), Community Catering (i.e. Good News Patrol and Life Group)
  • Friday Night Live, Women of Virtue, Men of Valour, and Special Events
Ministry Room

The function and purpose of Word of Faith Toronto’s Ministry Room team is to be fully engaged with all new believers and bring change to their lives. Specifically, we lead those congregants who come forward in the prayer of salvation as well as the message of the power of the Holy Spirit to encourage spiritual growth and development as a disciple of God.

We are prepared to win many lost souls and extend the Kingdom of God through His divine love. All of our ministers are trained and equipped to minister effectively. As well, all of our ministers are presented with an exciting opportunity to witness the Love of God. It is always encouraging to watch in amazement as the transformation of new birth takes place in one’s life.

Sound & Communications

The Sound & Communications Ministry encompasses a number of functions:

  • Management of website
  • Amplify the Music Department during Praise & Worship
  • Amplify Pastor (or the speaker of the day) during his teaching time
  • Record Pastor (or speaker of the day) for duplication and distribution
  • Display song lyrics and Bible verses
  • Duplicate message CDs for sale and no-sale distribution
  • Create announcement videos
  • Assist in development of event commercials (audio and video)
  • Assist in development of CD series by Pastor Keith
  • Management of Television and Radio Broadcast Production (in progress)

Much of what Sound & Communication does is facilitate for on-site and off-site events.

The duplicating section of Sound and Communications involves the preparation of CD’s for the message each Sunday and Wednesday. The CD’s are prepared for both sale in the bookstore and for all of those who are serving during the service that do not have an opportunity to hear the message.

The duplicating and distribution of the Sunday and Wednesday messages from the Word of God makes the Word available to christians in their homes or in their cars. Extra CD’s have also been distributed by the Good News Patrol teams, which allows those who may have never heard the Word of God experience the joy and transformation the Word brings.

In addition, our department also prepares the song lyrics and announcement videos for each service. This allows members and visitors to sing along with the Music Department during Praise and Worship and have a visual reference to the many announcements listed in the bulletin and reviewed from the platform.

Telephone Ministry

The Telephone Ministry Team brings a personal touch to “first time guests” and “altar” call respondents. This form of contact gives the “First Time Guests” and Altar Call Respondents” an opportunity to receive prayer and ask questions, such as times of service, membership questions, etc. Our goal is to be an extension of our Pastor as we reach out to each guest with love and care.

These calls are made to congratulate the “Altar Call Respondents” on the decisions they have made, and also to find out if there are any questions regarding what they received. It also gives the Team an opportunity to introduce “First Time Guests/ Altar Call Respondents” to our Life Group Ministry, counseling services, and other major events happening in the church that will be of benefit to them. The Team is also instrumental in praying with the “First Time Guests/ Altar Call Respondents.”

Volunteer Coordinator Ministry

The Volunteer Department provides a centralized effort and process to recruit, screen, and place committed volunteers (support partners) in all departments to increase efficiency and enhance the quality of ministry that Word of Faith provides.

By facilitating strategic planning processes and leadership development workshops for department heads and their assistants, the Volunteer Department helps to bring Pastor’s vision to pass.

Our Support Partners are very important to Pastor Keith.  Every year the Volunteer Department oversees the annual Workers Appreciation Dinner in which Pastor Ward and his ministerial team acknowledge the invaluable contributions of volunteers who serve in different areas of the church.

The goal of this ministry is to encourage members of Word of Faith to “do the work of the ministry” by serving in the Ministry of Helps (Having Enough Loving People Serving).

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