Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

Word of Faith International Christian Centre


June 8, 2020


Confirmed reopen date: June 14, 2020

Sundays: 10:30am, by reservation only to start

June 14 sanctuary service is for Ministers and HELPS only to ensure all safety procedures

June 21 sanctuary service is open for the general public, by reservation

All services will continue to be streamed and available to all on-line


The following is our plan to re-open our church and how we will keep everyone completely safe:

  • Midweek services will remain temporarily canceled (streamed) until further notice while we re-open Sunday morning services at 30% capacity.
  • Maintenance staff & Cintas will perform standard hands-on cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Commercial Sanuvox UV Air Sanitization technology has been purchased and will be installed into the church facility for our protection. It was ordered on May 21, 2020.
  • A certified sanitation company (Cintas) was contracted to guide the disinfection of our facility and employ safety measures.
  • Motion-sensitive hand disinfectant stations are being strategically installed around all major entrances, exits, and foyers throughout our facility.
  • Members are required to self-quarantine if they are symptomatic.
  • Do not attend if you or anyone in your household is ill or has symptoms, even if they don’t attend with you.
  • All children under 16 must be accompanied and monitored by a parent, as well as seated with a parent.
  • Your temperature will be taken by touchless thermometer before entering.
  • Registration is requested at or by calling 416-449-5026, ext. 102, and health screening questions are required there.
  • Health screeners will again screen everyone entering the church during the initial re-opening phase and your temperature will be checked.
  • You will be required to apply hand-sanitizer before entering.
  • Do your best not to touch anything or anyone (backs of chairs, even your face).
  • No hugging, shaking hands, etc.
  • No handing off items to someone from another household.
  • Follow procedures for restroom use.
  • Follow procedures for sanctuary distancing.
  • Follow procedures for seating.


  • Remove all non-essential items that can be touched in occupied areas (entryway, sanctuary, restrooms).
  • Use bottled water only (no dishes or coffee cups that require washing).
  • Set out sanitizing supplies throughout the entryway, sanctuary, restrooms, and any area anticipated to be occupied.
  • Sanitize absolutely everything before and after every service.
    • Microphones
    • Doorknobs & handles
    • Light switches
    • Alarm pads and keyless entry pads
    • Toilet flush handles, countertops, sinks, toilets, floors.
    • Faucet handles
    • Keyboards or any shared instruments or accessories (handled by musicians)


Outdoor Entry

  • Outside instruction poster.
  • Use only the assigned entry door to enter the building and maintain physical distancing. In other words, one person or family may enter at a time.
  • Touchless laser thermometer before entry—if fever present, no admittance. This will be handled by the nurses that are screening.
  • Use on-line registration system to track attendance. Doors close when maximum capacity for social distancing is reached.

Inside Entryway

  • Remove all unnecessary items that anyone would touch.
  • Water dispensers are disabled.
  • Staff at the door, wearing masks and gloves, will apply hand sanitizer and allow entry of an individual or family to be screened by the nurse.
  • Nurses will wear masks and gloves to screen the individual/family.
  • No additional people will be in the entryway.



  • Staff will monitor maximum capacity upon entry to the building and sanctuary.
  • Staff will direct individuals or families to designated seats based on the reservations.
  • Set up chairs that are 6 feet apart from each chair or family group of chairs.
  • Family members who actually live together in one household can sit together (no Children’s Church will be available at this time).
  • Children must remain with parents in the sanctuary.
  • Members of one household are not permitted to sit with members of another household.
  • Display slides on overhead screens will display these re-opening protocols.


  • Do not pass containers or envelopes.
  • Envelopes are available at the Lobby Offering Box only.
  • No debit/credit machines will be available initially.
  • Offering envelopes may be placed in the Lobby Offering Box in the lobby.
  • People are still encouraged to give by PayPal, E-transfer, Text to Give.


  • One at a time! (children must be accompanied by parent).
  • Lobby washroom doors will be propped open and pipe & drape will be provided to screen the entrances.
  • Remove everything non-essential that can be touched.
  • MANDATORY SANITIZING BEFORE & AFTER USE signs are in every stall and at every urinal.
  • Provide sanitizing products in EVERY Washroom (alcohol spray before and after)
    • Stall doors
    • Stall locks & hardware
    • Toilet seat
    • Flush handle
  • Spray sink and faucet handles with sanitizer before and after use.
  • Use paper towel to turn faucet on/off and to open doors.
  • Spray countertop and any surface you or your children touch.
  • Staff will monitor Washroom sanitation and proper physical distancing.


  • Do not pass out and transfer anything from one person to another.
  • No product, beverage, candy or any physical sales of any kind.
  • Lower Level and Vending Machine are closed.
  • Bookstore will be temporarily closed.
  • Kitchen will be temporarily closed.
  • Youth services are on-line.
  • Children’s Church service and activities are on-line.
  • No Nursery Ministry will be open. Toddlers’ Church service is on-line.
  • No Ministry Room will be used at this time.
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